Are You Ready for a Bit of Eerie?

I hear the name David Lynch and I think Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet; I even think Gregory Crewdson. I always think colour and I always think just a bit weird. I wasn't really prepared then for what I saw at The Photographers Gallery exhibit.......but I was perhaps prepared for what I experienced.

The black & white photographs in the exhibit David Lynch: The Factory Photographs are simply stunning; so evocative and a masterpiece in how breaking the rules can be the right thing to do.  The feeling you will undoubtedley experience as you wander through the exhibit is one of eerieness; the photographs themselves expertly conjure this up but when combined with the music that accompanies the exhibit...well it's like a double shot of eerrieness. This isn't a frightening feeling that makes you want to run screaming for the door; no, this is David Lynch eerieness; part sublime, part creepy, but definately cool.

What I especially admire about these photographs is the way they have been shot. I can imagine just how other photographers may have approached the subject matter; it's easy to imagine alternate versions of these images which would be far less effective. It's the angle of the shot, the adjusted focus; the movement; in summary it's the choices Lynch has made which make these photographs his and only his.

There are no people in these images but there is always a presence, lurking, maybe in the shadows, maybe over the shoulder of the photographer; or maybe it's just Lynch's presence that fills the atmosphere. If the atmosphere wasn't in these factories to begin with, then Lynch certainly put it there.

The exhibit is on until March 30th at The Photgraphers' Gallery, London; go see it, go experience it. Don't just do a quick walk around and glance at these photographs, go up to them, stare at them, stare into them and feel both the photograph and the music; wait for those little hairs on the back of your neck to stand up. It's cool, David Lynch style.

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