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For those of you thinking I have written the title of this article in another language, I will explain all.

Let me start with the name Crewdson, Gregory Crewdson to be precise. I first encountered the work of this American photographer through his book Twilight; a publication I felt compelled to buy, as that is what his images are: compelling, intriguing, mysterious, familiar, yet other worldly. His beautifully and cinematically lit staged scenes tell a story of a brief moment, yet it feels as if time is still passing within them.

On February 14th 2013, The Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University (in Milwaukee) presented "In a Lonely Place", a lecture by Gregory Crewdson.  As so often happens, these interesting events take place far from our doorsteps and we lament how we cannot be there and are left to wonder what the lecture was like.  What doesn’t happen so often is that a recording of such an event is made available for all to watch, for free; but that’s exactly what the Haggerty have done.  The full lecture, including a Q&A session, is now available to watch via YouTube.

In this informative and interesting lecture Crewdson gives us an insight into his influences and inspirations; films such as Close encounters of the Third Kind and Blue Velvet; photographers such as Stephen Shore and Joel Sternfeld. He also talks about his method of working, and we get a behind the scenes look at how he stages and takes his photographs; showing scenes more akin to a movie set than a traditional photo shoot.

You’ll hear Crewdson says his ultimate aim is to "make the most beautiful picture I can" but to add a psychological complication or even "bring my own particular sadness to it".  Whether you like his work or not, you have to admit he has a unique style and that is ultimately because he has brought himself into his image making; and there is only one Gregory Crewdson.

Enjoy the lecture in full here:

Thank you Gregory Crewdson for your lecture and THANK YOU Haggerty Art for sharing this with all of us scattered around the globe. 

You can find out more about the Haggerty Museum of Art by visiting  Gregory Crewdson’s book “In a Lonely Place” (2011) is published by Abrams ISBN-10: 141970110X. To find out more about the documentary by Ben Shapiro titled “Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters” (as mentioned in this lecture) visit 

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